Prepare to be Scared!

Experience Night Chills! Our haunted hayride will take you out of your world and into one where horrid creatures threaten the very fabric of your existence. Keep your wits about you or end up their next victim. Join us on a mind-bending journey through our deep, dark forest full of thrills and chills!

$20 per person

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Corn Walk of Horror!

Enter the Cornwalk of Horror and wind your way through haunted trails where monsters lurk under the cover of darkness! What's around the next corner? Bloody heads? Screaming witches? Howling ghosts? Zombies? Prepared to be scared!

$10 per person

Combo Ticket

Hayride / Cornwalk / Hay Maze Combo Ticket:
$30 per person (kids 2 and under are free)

Haunted Hay Maze

Try your skill in our Haunted Hay Maze. Quicken your pace! You never know who or what is following you! Watch out for the "DEAD" end or you may be trapped!

$5 per person

Hours & Specials
Opening day is Friday September 29 7:30-10pm

Fridays 7:30-10pm

Saturdays 7:30-10pm

Sunday 10/29 7:30-10pm

3014 Bristol Road
Warrington, PA 18976


haunted hayride

We are a fourth generation dairy farm, situated in the heart of Bucks County Pennsylvania on 208 acres. We celebrated our 100 year anniversary in 2002. The property is actively preserved through the Bucks County Agricultural Preservation Program, which allows us to continue to share the farm experience with our community.

Winding Brook Farm

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